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Av Luo Chen - 20 juni 2011 08:05

Email marketing software distribution process can be divided into three main steps: the sending of the message content to be submitted to the server; mailing list server where the server sends messages to the user information; users from receiving their mail server to read the message content. Each step may produce a bounce.

(1) designed to send e-mail list to be content, submit content to the server.

There are two main ways to submit, a mailing list, send e-mail system is that the contents of the mailing list administrator to send the message to the service provider to set up your list of special mailboxes, the service provider's mail server receives the message content After setting the program according to the contents of each message to the list of all e-mail sent. Another common form is through a browser interface to the mailing list, send the contents of the input to the generation of service providers to set the sending interface, through the online submission form submitted to the mail server, then server messages according to the procedures set were to list the contents of all e-mail sent. This process belongs to the mailing list send a preparation phase, not related to the bounce problem. In theory, no matter what way are the same, from the convenience, the e-mail easier, such as Yahoo e-tribes, and easy electronic distribution through mailing lists and other experts have adopted a distribution system in this way, But browser-based interface presented in a way more intuitive and easy to fix and preview the content, so for many mailing lists used by the system.

(2) the mailing list server where the server sends messages to the user information.

And general e-mail, like mailing list server will issue a list of all Email addresses in accordance with the information sent to the mail server involved, which will have a problem because the receiving mail server generated the bounce, the bounce mainly because of server-side reasons. Such as the mail server busy, down, set the screen on the sending server, DNS failure, or the domain name has been terminated services. This is the server immediately bounce, that is a problem for the incoming mail server or e-mail address in the mailing list after just one issue will have a bounce. Some of the difference with this is that there is something back of the letter. If you carefully analyze the characteristics of the mailing list bounce, you will find that Young's case: mailing list has been sent three days to nearly one week, and most of the returned mail has been returned, and sometimes the back received a number of group letter, the bounce is basically the same batch from the same mail server, this is the server things back the letter.

In other words, even if the mail server is receiving e-mail has been sent to the recipient's mail server is located, but may still be returned. Why? This is some of the mail server settings, some of the mail server receives the first message does not take into account all of the user name exists, as long as their own mail servers are the first to receive the next do further down the distribution. For example, this email address does not actually exist, but mail server may also receive the first message sent to the server, and then judge if the address is correct and there is enough E-mail space to receive, will be sent to the user's mailbox, otherwise the message will still be returned. If the mail server has been sent from the mailing list server e-mail screen, sent to stop mailing list is listed as an object, of course, will not be receiving e-mail.

(3) the user from the server to receive mail or online message content.

When the message content is correctly received the recipient's mail server, due to the user reasons will still generate a lot of bounce, for two main reasons:
a. Some e-mail address has not been licensed as certified, Email address itself may be errors;
b. E-mail hypervolemic (web mail situation is more prominent, because even read e-mail is often left on the server and the space occupied by the mailbox, and mailbox capacity is limited, even if not also constantly receiving information can easily lead to over capacity );
c. As long without e-mail, has been located, service provider or ISP to cancel;
d. Use E-mail users because the replacement of the original mail has been suspended;
e. some free email service providers to terminate service and therefore can not continue to use and so on.

The success of the mailing list can be seen there are many factors, any one part of problem will cause the message transmission fails, the sender from the mailing list point of view, is the formation of a bounce. When successfully went through all of the above process, the contents of the mailing list can be user to see (assuming the content can be displayed properly), and message content is valuable to users, whether users would be interested in information which there is great uncertainty. In addition, the difficulties experienced end-user mailbox service, but also pay attention to whether the message format for the user's computer and mail program settings are acceptable, if the Message text is garbled, or important information is missing, then the user, the received still Invalid e-mail. From this, the marketing information mailing list delivery is not an easy process.

Av Luo Chen - 20 juni 2011 08:02

Getting the permission is what we do email marketing, email marketing, the key steps, or by e-mail is not sent to the e-mail marketing, but mass-mailing, popular thing that is spam. So how to spread via e-mail product information is permission-based email to attract attention to the owner.

Business Network EDM combined with the domestic mail market in the actual situation of domestic customers to provide some access to permission-based marketing solutions for e-mail address.

1, clearly stated in the title, you will have to re-authenticate the subscriber whether to accept your mail. You can write the title "Your subscription e-mail is about to expire, please renew", "Please verify that your e-mail subscription is to continue," and so a similar title, this title is not too polite in general, but to do so effect, can distinguish between those who subscribe to your e-mail subscribers are not interested in, so your mailing list cleaner.

2, emphasizing the value of subscriptions must be stressed that e-mail to subscribers, bringing the value of re-emphasized missed the subscription confirmation may give the subscriber losses.

3, explicitly add "to subscribe" and "unsubscribe" option. In this respect there is a great misunderstanding, a lot of marketers to re-subscribe to the page, generally placed "to continue subscription" option, the results have been less interested in a lot of subscribers, due to inertia of the reason, then point bit, then add your mailing list subscription, would not achieve results. In fact, the marketing staff without fear of subscribers had fled, in a lot of our practice, we found that with "unsubscribe" button, it will continue to subscribe to more than without the addition of many! The reason is that, with the "unsubscribe" button that allows you to subscribe to feel the importance of this matter, let them feel you are serious, so that they feel is valuable permission-based email! Therefore, it will pay more attention to their subscribers.

4, no corresponding subscriber for sending a second re-licensing application. In our experience, the two applications is a more appropriate number of complaints is likely to be sent multiple times, the effect is even worse hand.

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