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7 tips to analyze the email marketing

Av Luo Chen - 21 juni 2011 09:42

With the development, gradually more and more SMEs to go into online marketing, but very few companies can really do a good job of marketing the network. Currently small and medium enterprises, or simply apply some basic internet marketing techniques, such as email marketing software, although the effect but the effect is not very good. How can we achieve better results? On the surface, e-mail marketing is to send mail, but everything is a skill, that is what email marketing techniques? Here, commercial airline to introduce a few new e-mail marketing tips.

1, do not spam

Now very common in the enterprise is a phenomenon: Many software companies are bought mass, and then buy some cheap-mail address, and then spread to bulk mail. Many email marketing experts also stressed: the e-mail marketing is not a mass mailing.

Maybe you have a wide range of sources so you get a lot of e-mail address, but do not often recklessly with impunity, because not all the products you are interested, must be targeted, so that high conversion rate will not allow some non-mail to your potential customers disgusted.

2, the message header

Open the mail is not your main purpose, your main purpose is to enable them to buy products, or at least remember your products, increase your product awareness. Do not use some of the title with a lure to attract the recipient, they point to see is to open a spam, then it will delete the message immediately, or to unsubscribe, so you will lose a lot of potential customers.

Users to smoke, let them open the message, which is mainly to see the title of the message. To do this step is half the battle. Chaotic title can not be unfounded, the first time this may attract some users to open e-mail, but when the user see the content when the content will be very disappointed, because a large gap between title and content. So from the title, when not pursue to attract users, according to the message content to play an appropriate title.

3, message content

Be the core of the message content. New route proposed business can be different for different people to send e-mail content. Example, customers can be divided into three categories: not interested, interested, and have purchased over the of. For example, if they are not interested, we want to convert him interested, we can calculate the traces of his tour he was in the end what you want, then the projections to send personalized e-mail them, which may be more trouble , time-consuming and laborious, but the result was very good.

Some target customers received e-mail, the contents of the message generated interest and hope to learn more about products and services, and if at this time but found no contact details and information, or if there is contact details and information However, companies do not contact the customer service staff, then target customers so that businesses will likely lose interest. So in the message must have contact details, and the best 24-hour online customer service, or timely and users to communicate and exchange some questions so promptly.

4, e-mail format

Among the contents of the message, call is very important, although the message is repeated, but let the customer that is issued against him, this will be a sense of superiority, for example, do not start: Hello, and use: so and so, you Okay, so the effect will be better.

Paper format must be formal, professional, no matter what industry, e-mail, no matter what the industry sent people, formal and professional format always give people a good feeling.

5, e-mail attachments

Send e-mail, if the content is more important, or more content, with pictures, then you need to add accessories up. Unless it is loyal users, or the average user will not trouble to open the attachment. So add an attachment, try to be concise and can use TXT to send text messages not sent with the DOC format, can display JPG images do not use PSD.

6, sent to the appropriate frequency

If the company decides to implement an e-mail marketing, then, first of all need to do a clear plan, not aimlessly, there is no regular mail to the user, such as marketing results will not be too good. Generally sent Monday to Friday, emphasis in the afternoon time, so the effect will be better. But if you can, do not send the best Monday morning, because after a weekend, the user's mailbox may have filled a useful or spam, they will not look deleted.

Transmitted frequency in accordance with corporate sales plan, festivals, promotional plans to arrange. Journals such as e-mail, can be every week or month issued a fixed time, holiday sales in a few days before every holiday time.

If too frequently send e-mail, even if it is discounted every day, every day to offer concessions, the user will feel resentment, and people do not cherish the chance of a discount.

7, there must be a quantitative indicator

Many enterprises in the implementation of e-mail marketing, when it did not specify the effects and costs of a specific target, cost? Effect is? These are very important issues, not only do not know know the specific implementation of the implementation of the cost and effectiveness.


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