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Four steps to help you to obtain a lot of email address with permission.

Av Luo Chen - 20 juni 2011 08:02

Getting the permission is what we do email marketing, email marketing, the key steps, or by e-mail is not sent to the e-mail marketing, but mass-mailing, popular thing that is spam. So how to spread via e-mail product information is permission-based email to attract attention to the owner.

Business Network EDM combined with the domestic mail market in the actual situation of domestic customers to provide some access to permission-based marketing solutions for e-mail address.

1, clearly stated in the title, you will have to re-authenticate the subscriber whether to accept your mail. You can write the title "Your subscription e-mail is about to expire, please renew", "Please verify that your e-mail subscription is to continue," and so a similar title, this title is not too polite in general, but to do so effect, can distinguish between those who subscribe to your e-mail subscribers are not interested in, so your mailing list cleaner.

2, emphasizing the value of subscriptions must be stressed that e-mail to subscribers, bringing the value of re-emphasized missed the subscription confirmation may give the subscriber losses.

3, explicitly add "to subscribe" and "unsubscribe" option. In this respect there is a great misunderstanding, a lot of marketers to re-subscribe to the page, generally placed "to continue subscription" option, the results have been less interested in a lot of subscribers, due to inertia of the reason, then point bit, then add your mailing list subscription, would not achieve results. In fact, the marketing staff without fear of subscribers had fled, in a lot of our practice, we found that with "unsubscribe" button, it will continue to subscribe to more than without the addition of many! The reason is that, with the "unsubscribe" button that allows you to subscribe to feel the importance of this matter, let them feel you are serious, so that they feel is valuable permission-based email! Therefore, it will pay more attention to their subscribers.

4, no corresponding subscriber for sending a second re-licensing application. In our experience, the two applications is a more appropriate number of complaints is likely to be sent multiple times, the effect is even worse hand.


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