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You should take a great mention on these six types of data

Av Luo Chen - 21 juni 2011 09:40

We are speaking here of the e-mail marketing, referring to the permission-based email marketing software, e-mail address is sent after the user is permitted. Do e-mail marketing, is not that gets the mailbox address, to send them a message, it finished the fix? Of course not. Let us say for the implementation of e-mail marketing, you should continue to focus a few data, which only allow you to detect e-mail marketing effectiveness, but also allows you to better improve your email marketing program.

1, E-mail List

E-mail address to get a lot of ways, you can grab their own software, you can buy, you can also subscribe to get a natural, no matter by what means to get, you should list your number of continuing concern.

A few examples, say you are the original 1000 mailbox list, subscribe by natural means over the three months and found that mail list is 1020, three months increased by only 20 subscribers, then you have to Note, the natural growth alone is no effect, and can spend money to buy some of the e-mail address for testing, screening out of your target audience.

2, e-mail delivery rate

As more and more companies are beginning to use the personal e-mail marketing, this low-cost marketing methods, if the strict permission-based email marketing, according to the rules to be implemented, the result will be very good indeed, but many people have is some advertising spam e-mail, the user, are useless spam, this phenomenon causes the server to filter the mail more and more strict, and even make some of the normal e-mail has been filtered out.

For those who strictly observe the rules of permission-based email marketing person, how to prevent their high-quality filter will filter out e-mail it? In this regard, we have four small suggestions:

First, the recipient of your e-mail address included in the initiative, which is a bit difficult, and can explain the situation in the mail, I believe you will be loyal customers included;

Second, and mail service providers to contact them to you as a white list;

Third, the message header to avoid use of the word advertising;

Fourth, the message is filtered, look at what causes filtered, and then mail the corrected test, and the total time will not be filtered.

3, e-mail open rates

As long as your email address somewhere public too, people would have a way to get your email address, and then will send you this kind of mail in your mailbox every day plug packed. In general, the user will not inbox to open each message read, according to their message headers or sender address for selective screening. Users are generally more likely to trust will open their e-mail or are familiar with the site, or subscribe to their e-mail, so to create a user-friendly degree, permission-based e-mail before sending the user must first understand some of the features, intentions, not recklessly, otherwise it will counterproductive.

4, e-mail click-through rate

Click here to say the rate is access to the site via e-mail or open the link inside, such as Introduction If you are sending the message, then click-through rate is through e-mail access to your site ratio, if the content is sent in nature, such as "net Business Success Monthly "email, which are some practical articles, then click through rate is the proportion of e-mail click on the article title.

Many users may open the mail, look after rush off, and not to click inside the content. Therefore, to attract users to click, pay attention to the following points:

First, the delivery time, try not to send in on Monday morning, because Monday morning, the user's inbox will accumulate a lot of mail, will not have time to slowly appreciate your e-mail content.

Second, the message header, the user opens the message one reason is that the message header, and good title to attract users, you want a more in-depth understanding of message content, which will naturally click on the link.

Third, the message content, message content must comply with the message header, otherwise the user will have a feeling cheated. User opens the message is you want to look inside the content if the content is good, then the user will naturally unstinting to open links.

5, e-mail unsubscribe rate

Implementation of the e-mail marketing is most reluctant to see the user unsubscribed. If people keep to unsubscribe, then it should think carefully about why.

Separate old and new users can test that, if the user unsubscribe the old rate, it may be no messages sent before the recent good, and should be appropriate to improve the next; unsubscribe if the new user rate, it would have to think about e-mail overall content or template.

6, e-mail conversion

Implementation of the e-mail marketing is the ultimate goal of conversion, allowing users to accomplish what you want them put into action, such as account registration, purchase products, subscribe to newsletters and so on. So e-mail marketing, conversion rate is the measure of the success of the most important criterion.

Want to enhance the conversion rate, not only have high quality and valuable content, but also targeted to meet the needs of users. Allow users to feel: This is what I need to e-mail!


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