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The shortcut to pursuit the email marketing success

Av Luo Chen - 27 juni 2011 10:09
Although the email marketing software (Email marketing) of the process is relatively complex, and there are many variables, but you can still easily get successful email marketing. In this, Comm100 for your e-mail marketing, summed up the 10 reciprocity. Remember, if observed, must be harvested!

1 Make sure the link in the message clear
It is clear that the purpose of email marketing is to attract users to your landing page, product page or site up. If the recipient does not click the link in the message into your landing page or website, you can not be allowed to register or become your customers. So that they can click on the link method is very simple. As long as the highlights (such as capital) where the user might click on, while ensuring that multiple messages with a link (text of each paragraph contains at least one link) and make the link easy to identify. In addition, the use of strong call-to-call statement, or "click here" and imperative statements, can also help you increase your CTR.

Recommendation: Use email links to the best of many, and to ensure the link at a glance.

2 e-mail with pictures in as little as possible

In a previous article, we have discussed this issue in detail, but please always remember: e-mail messages are not printed. You have to take into account that many recipients may not see the picture, because the images in a message are generally not display properly, this picture messages will only waste space. Therefore, it is best to use standard HTML code to replace too many pictures. Also, please do not send only messages with a large map to the user, not to call the user action statements (such as "click here" or "now orders", etc.) on the picture.

Recommendation: caution pictures, e-mail using HTML to increase the beauty of nature, and do not use images to convey important information.

3. Unsubscribe easy

Allow users to exit your mailing list seems to go against your wishes, but there is no better way to prevent your mail from being marked as spam. Because when users can not find a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list, they will probably direct you mark a message as spam. Any user to your e-mail marked as spam e-mail service providers will be recorded, thus affecting the credibility of your mail and ultimately difficult to get your e-mail (not even reach) the Inbox.

Recommendation: Use the clear, obvious unsubscribe link in order to ensure that users can quickly exit from the list.

4. Always strictly abide by "Anti-Spam Law"
Before we elaborate on how to prevent being labeled as spam, and can not be delivered to your inbox the best way. Admittedly, e-mail marketing (Email Marketing Software) always must endeavor to comply with these steps. So, do not sell products directly to the user to send e-mail, just send an e-mail spam and strong, it is possible to make your future all mail in a few weeks, or months or even years can not reach the other side Inbox.

Recommendation: Even if your message can not be as effective as sales tools, but you have to be strictly observed to avoid all the steps marked as spam. Needless to say, this is the key to email marketing.

5. Try to limit e-mail template specifications
Make your user's inbox is not much space to convey information, and most users will use no image preview. So, make sure that HTML mail template does not exceed 600 pixels width, and to ensure accurate and clear value proposition, and should also ensure that starting from the top of the message at least 100 pixels has a link. While this is not a bright color at the top into the beautiful picture, but it can get better results. In addition, in the preview window at the top of the left or right to use the sidebar, so that users get more information.

Recommendation: message size should be 600 * 200 pixels or so, and no pictures. This specification is the final user to see the best results you e-mail specification.

6 Make sure to read the message short
Most users will not read the complete message, usually just glance at your e-mail to find content of interest to them. So make sure your e-mail brief refined (using the thin section), and bold colors highlight or use other key words of the customer. Text messages may be too many users to directly delete, spam filters can be directly filtered out.

Recommendation: Short Message refining better! Message content may give too much more traffic to websites, but does not enhance the e-mail marketing. Ensure that the message clear and concise, with some provocative statements and keywords, and highlight or bold the most important information.

7 regular clean-up mailing list

Spend time and energy to invalid e-mail address removed from the list can help you get better e-mail marketing. In the user registration, please e-mail address format error filtered out. Meanwhile, the first time can not be served, does not exist or inbox full of e-mail address removed from the list, this can help you get better e-mail marketing. If your mailing list contains a large number of invalid e-mail address, e-mail service providers will mark your mail as spam.

Recommendation: invalid regular e-mail address will be removed from the list may be more time-consuming, but it can improve the message delivery rate, so your e-mail Buzhi Yu was delivered to the trash.

8. The rational use of the prompt text, title text and image link properties
E-mail pictures to use too much wasted space, so to use pictures as much as possible into the code, this also give your e-mail marketing effectiveness points. Because different browsers on the prompt text and title text reads differently, so the inserted image code should also include the prompt text and title text (hint text and title text is displayed properly in the picture can not move the mouse or picture will be displayed when the text information). Should also ensure that all image links to link directly to your landing page or website.

Recommendation: Ensure that all reasonable picture coding, including the size of the picture, suggesting that the text, title text layout, etc. Also make sure the image links to link directly to your website or landing page.

9 e-mail sent before the test
Nothing found to send mail directly to the trash or Hotmail, Yahoo mail can not preview the message even more frustrating things. So before sending a message in large-scale, first in the major email service providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail / Live / MSN and a variety of accounts using the Outlook client) to create an account there, the first of these accounts were sent to a test e-mail. If your mailing list also contains other mail service providers, also please add it to the test list. If you find any problems during the test, analyze your e-mail and will solve the problem, or mailing list in question partially removed.

Recommendation: Please test before the mass mailing and solve the problem. Test checks the message format and delivery rate.

10. Sending HTML e-mail at the same time, with a text message.

, We have explored the use of HTML messages or plain text message problem. Here, we recommend using HTML e-mail and text messages. At least choose to use HTML mail to the same time with a plain text message. Some people prefer to use plain text message, and now more and more people view the messages through mobile phones, and mobile phones generally only support plain text messages.

Recommendation: Remember to send HTML e-mail at the same time, with a plain text message.

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