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Please Check you email list on time

Av Luo Chen - 18 juni 2011 11:19

Our technical team to monitor the carrier from the ISP significantly increased the number of bounces, invalid address particular circumstances leading to the bounce. Despite billion industry, technology licensing e-mail marketing platform can automatically filter the history of the bounce address, to prevent invalid address again to send, but too many invalid address record platform will affect the speed of mail delivery and mail results. Recommended the adoption of the following methods to enhance the quality of the mailing list and send results.
1. Update user information, to maintain quality of the mailing list. Company's Web site allows users to easily modify the contact, or by e-mail, text messaging and other channels on a regular basis to remind users to update information;
2. Send e-mail list cleaning first. Such as a mailing list for the first time sent by e-mail address billion industry, science and technology to be cleaned, the invalid e-mail address removed from the list;
3. Timely clean-up platform invalid address information. Promptly clean up email marketing software platform invalid address, the mailing list can improve quality and accelerate the speed of mail delivery;
4. Attention to those long-term inactive mail accounts. If these e-mail addresses are not logged on user for six months, should be considered separately to create a new group for long-term inactive user group, can be a longer time interval e-mail marketing, may be relatively active part user selected;
In short, clean your invalid user / non-active mailing list, send to those who can not only prevent unwanted users, but also improve the quality of the mailing list. However, when the email account in other cases, re-active, you can allow them to once again become your subscribers.


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