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Open the secret of the email marketing content

Av Luo Chen - 27 juni 2011 10:03
Find the right message content
In the implementation of e-mail marketing (Email marketing) planning process, often encounter the question: "If every message is marketing the product directly, it will not cause customer dissatisfaction, simply do not look after my e-mail it? . " Then, probably will think of a logical problem, "but if my mail is purely informational, and customers will not read directly after the delete, and will not purchase any products?

Provide users with e-mail make them feel valuable content, and directly from the sales and earnings have a great challenge. To achieve both goals, you need to constantly and repeatedly tested. However, following a few basic concepts, may be able to help you improve email marketing performance.

User Why register your news letter? What they really want?
First, you need to ask yourself the question: "When the user registration Newsletter (Newsletter), you promised them what?" Column in the news letter registration, you have no commitment to send information to the user within a week? Promises to send them information or articles? The user is not because you promised to give them an additional discount on registration before you press the letter? A thumb is the most basic principles of user experience that users really want is you promised them. Therefore, if the customer registration information letter, you promised to send them a white paper or book, then you have to send these messages to them, in order to maintain the loyalty of your customers.

However, more importantly, the user really want to see what the content of the message? And you is how to define the content?
There are two ways to determine what users really want to see. First, you can create multiple mailing lists, as detailed below. Second, is to do a simple A / B testing, which requires you to change the e-mail subscription page (whether it is a separate landing page or your master on a module) to display at different times different view. The easiest way is to do some modifications in the week. Such as:

The first week, when the user registration information letter, sent them an email like "join us to enjoy how to be the secret of a happy person."
The second week, when the user registration information letter, sent them an e-mail so "to join us, you can enjoy monthly discounts on products."

Near the end of each week, subscribe by e-mail news letter with the total number divided by the total number of pages to show to arrive at a conversion rate. High conversion rate of that content is the customer would like to see.

Create multiple mailing lists for best results
With only a single mailing list to attract customers than to create a number of different mailing lists, so that customers can choose to subscribe to the news they are interested in the letter. In general, the different mailing lists, including information like news letters, discounts or promotional items for the general type of mail. Of course, due to the different products or services, there will be many other types of news letter. You can brand, location, type of news, and other factors to create a targeted mailing list.

Provide multiple mailing lists for users to choose the benefits is that you can ensure that users receive all the information they want to see. Everything pros and cons. In this case, you need to create a variety of message content, and your list will also be more difficult to manage and track, you also difficult to calculate its return on investment. Therefore, the amount of available resources and e-mail marketing (Email Marketing Software) your entire marketing plan in the share of weight, you decide in the end to create a list of several key factors.

Also, keep in mind: If you provide customers with a number of mailing lists, according to the "anti-spam law" requirement, you must ensure that customers can unsubscribe from all of your messages, not just a list.

If the customers subscribe to this type of information is the news letter, I can send a direct marketing-type messages to them?
In the email marketing software, we often fall into such a dilemma: when the user just want to receive some information like email, but simply do not want to accept when forced to sell, how can we do? Although the product discounts, promotions and exclusive product is the main reason people subscribe to news letter, but people actually prefer to receive information like e-mail. In this case, the assessment of the value of email marketing, we suggest that you keep in mind the following points:

Reserved values: in the previous article, we introduced the customer life cycle and how to extend the customer life cycle through the mail. Although direct mail to get in return is important, but this type of information will bring you a message but a lot of potential value. Even if the customer does not buy your product mentioned in the message, but your brand and product names may impress customers. E-mail marketing can help you develop relationships with customers, when customers want to purchase products when they first thought should be your product. Therefore, in assessing the e-mail marketing in the role of the marketing plan, be sure to take into account the value of the message reserved.

Context of marketing: In fact, this type of information can bring you e-mail sales, the problem is you need to invest time and effort to create a persuasive message content. In this type of message information, timely reference to some products and product links, if done right, then this effect is sometimes directly in the message than to promote their products better. Only when customers feel that your product is very valuable, he will buy. Situation is a completely independent marketing courses. So, do not underestimate the value it can bring you.

To those who want to receive information like e-mail to promote their products directly to customers, the consequences are really serious?

The answer is simple, is not serious. Typically, users prefer discounts or marketing messages on a regular basis, sometimes positive response. The key is how to limit the number of times to send such messages, and how to ensure your information is sent by the preferential interest to customers or users. If you frequently sell products directly to customers, often just send message to the Mail, it is too far. However, the client sends a monthly e-mail containing special offers, will win a lot of customers.

Difficult to determine which type of customer in the end prefer e-mail. You need to constantly test and listen to the customer suggestions and careful analysis of test results to pick out the best of. However, most companies will find valuable message content and forced to sell the product in balance, tend to get the best results.

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