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Optimizing you email list in your marketing journey

Av Luo Chen - 9 juni 2011 11:18

Tell through the official e-mail product information to your customers by phone or text message than to have a higher credibility. Because the messages are kept, and with good operational and normative, like on as normal business correspondence. So e-mail marketing can not only enhance product visibility, more importantly, enhance the product's official credibility.

Email marketing software is the premise of the user's prior permission, by e-mail to pass valuable information to target users of a network marketing tool. Email marketing has three basic elements: user license, e-mail transmission of information, information on the user valuable.

Mailing list is a direct impact on the user type, contains a great business opportunity, with the Internet in China has grown in strength, mailing list services is also surging.

Mailing list (MailingList) goes back to 1975, is the first community in the form on the Internet, is also an important tool on the Internet for the exchange of information between the various groups and information dissemination. The early members of the group mailing list is a discussion by electronic messages for a particular topic, generally known as discussion groups, the small number of early computer networking, discussion group participants rarely, and now hundreds of thousands on the Internet discussion groups. Evolution of the discussion group soon another form of discussion groups that have management control, which is now commonly referred to as the mailing list, or mailing list called narrow.

Discussion groups and mailing lists are among a group of people on a topic to share information via e-mail, but they have a fundamental difference between, each member of a discussion group can send messages to other members of the same time, For now, it is usually the mailing list, send the information by the managers, general users can only receive information.

Mailing list, there are two basic forms: announcement type (mailing list): usually by a team manager to send a message to all members, such as electronic journals, newsletters, etc.; discussion type (discussion group): all members are able to Other members of the group send a message, the operation is simply send a message to the group's public e-mail processed through the system, this message will be distributed to all members of the group.

Then for the hardware companies, how to build and operate a good mailing list?

Carried out using internal list of Email Marketing Email marketing is the main way. A high-quality mailing list for the importance of network marketing experience has been confirmed by many enterprises, and become an important means to enhance the competitive advantage of, so to create a mailing list of their own is necessary. Many sites have attached great importance to establish the internal list. However, good build and operate a mailing list is not a simple matter, involving a wide range of issues.

First, the mailing list and website set up usually combined with other functions, not a person or a department can work independently, will involve technology development, web design, content editing, etc., may also involve marketing, sales and technical responsibilities of other departments, if it is outsourcing, and professional services needed to carry out the functional requirements of communication.

Second, the mailing list must be a user voluntarily joined, and whether access to authorized users, is in itself a very complicated matter, to be able to increase the stability of long-term users, mailing lists, content must be valuable to users, message content, but also require professional production. Third, the number of users mailing list takes a long period of accumulation, in order to gain more users, but also on the mailing list itself, the necessary promotion, marketing also need to invest considerable resources.


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