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How to make design your customer customized email in your email marketing?

Av Luo Chen - 23 juni 2011 04:56
Custom clients personalized content, the EDM system, one of the most important part, involves the communication between enterprises and users can form a relationship.
How to make personalized content?

Through our extensive experience and found that if the e-mail with the title of the recipient's name and e-mail that day, then look at the possibility of being only the recipient's name more than a 24 percent did not name the recipient up to 75%. In specific reading time, 8 o'clock to see the message the number of people than 9 o'clock 51% higher than at 3 o'clock to see the message above 260%.
From this experience difficult to find, individual essence of two things:
Specialized for
Allow users to feel this message is for his personal, rather than the mass of. Therefore, EDM system seems to be able to imitate the business staff in a client sends a different effect. For example, you see the name of the title, is even known to bring "Mr., Ms., manager, general manager," and other titles and positions, for example, the body of the call, the message content may be mentioned that the content should be set to personalized.

With the user's communication habits
Different users have different communication habits, I believe that we have obvious experience, you dating love girlfriend, a very good time to choose the chances of success will be higher. By the same token, the user time and most users do not like disturbing the user to communicate in your EDM will only bring you negative results.
The most common communication habits, including: receiving frequency, receiving date (weekday), receiving time (one day's time), contact information (phone, text messaging, email, etc.).
A good EDM software will send you a timely reminder of the frequency and time, and can dynamically adjust the user's communication habits record.

Do these two points, your e-mail open rates will be a rapid increase, your chances of success will be higher.

Email marketing software platform provider network through advanced technology, can automatically be subscribed to the recipient's name added to the message content, do not need to manually add. Not only can greatly save human resources, improve efficiency, it can effectively avoid negligence.

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