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Av Luo Chen - 20 juni 2011 08:05

Email marketing software distribution process can be divided into three main steps: the sending of the message content to be submitted to the server; mailing list server where the server sends messages to the user information; users from receiving their mail server to read the message content. Each step may produce a bounce.

(1) designed to send e-mail list to be content, submit content to the server.

There are two main ways to submit, a mailing list, send e-mail system is that the contents of the mailing list administrator to send the message to the service provider to set up your list of special mailboxes, the service provider's mail server receives the message content After setting the program according to the contents of each message to the list of all e-mail sent. Another common form is through a browser interface to the mailing list, send the contents of the input to the generation of service providers to set the sending interface, through the online submission form submitted to the mail server, then server messages according to the procedures set were to list the contents of all e-mail sent. This process belongs to the mailing list send a preparation phase, not related to the bounce problem. In theory, no matter what way are the same, from the convenience, the e-mail easier, such as Yahoo e-tribes, and easy electronic distribution through mailing lists and other experts have adopted a distribution system in this way, But browser-based interface presented in a way more intuitive and easy to fix and preview the content, so for many mailing lists used by the system.

(2) the mailing list server where the server sends messages to the user information.

And general e-mail, like mailing list server will issue a list of all Email addresses in accordance with the information sent to the mail server involved, which will have a problem because the receiving mail server generated the bounce, the bounce mainly because of server-side reasons. Such as the mail server busy, down, set the screen on the sending server, DNS failure, or the domain name has been terminated services. This is the server immediately bounce, that is a problem for the incoming mail server or e-mail address in the mailing list after just one issue will have a bounce. Some of the difference with this is that there is something back of the letter. If you carefully analyze the characteristics of the mailing list bounce, you will find that Young's case: mailing list has been sent three days to nearly one week, and most of the returned mail has been returned, and sometimes the back received a number of group letter, the bounce is basically the same batch from the same mail server, this is the server things back the letter.

In other words, even if the mail server is receiving e-mail has been sent to the recipient's mail server is located, but may still be returned. Why? This is some of the mail server settings, some of the mail server receives the first message does not take into account all of the user name exists, as long as their own mail servers are the first to receive the next do further down the distribution. For example, this email address does not actually exist, but mail server may also receive the first message sent to the server, and then judge if the address is correct and there is enough E-mail space to receive, will be sent to the user's mailbox, otherwise the message will still be returned. If the mail server has been sent from the mailing list server e-mail screen, sent to stop mailing list is listed as an object, of course, will not be receiving e-mail.

(3) the user from the server to receive mail or online message content.

When the message content is correctly received the recipient's mail server, due to the user reasons will still generate a lot of bounce, for two main reasons:
a. Some e-mail address has not been licensed as certified, Email address itself may be errors;
b. E-mail hypervolemic (web mail situation is more prominent, because even read e-mail is often left on the server and the space occupied by the mailbox, and mailbox capacity is limited, even if not also constantly receiving information can easily lead to over capacity );
c. As long without e-mail, has been located, service provider or ISP to cancel;
d. Use E-mail users because the replacement of the original mail has been suspended;
e. some free email service providers to terminate service and therefore can not continue to use and so on.

The success of the mailing list can be seen there are many factors, any one part of problem will cause the message transmission fails, the sender from the mailing list point of view, is the formation of a bounce. When successfully went through all of the above process, the contents of the mailing list can be user to see (assuming the content can be displayed properly), and message content is valuable to users, whether users would be interested in information which there is great uncertainty. In addition, the difficulties experienced end-user mailbox service, but also pay attention to whether the message format for the user's computer and mail program settings are acceptable, if the Message text is garbled, or important information is missing, then the user, the received still Invalid e-mail. From this, the marketing information mailing list delivery is not an easy process.

Av Luo Chen - 20 juni 2011 08:02

Getting the permission is what we do email marketing, email marketing, the key steps, or by e-mail is not sent to the e-mail marketing, but mass-mailing, popular thing that is spam. So how to spread via e-mail product information is permission-based email to attract attention to the owner.

Business Network EDM combined with the domestic mail market in the actual situation of domestic customers to provide some access to permission-based marketing solutions for e-mail address.

1, clearly stated in the title, you will have to re-authenticate the subscriber whether to accept your mail. You can write the title "Your subscription e-mail is about to expire, please renew", "Please verify that your e-mail subscription is to continue," and so a similar title, this title is not too polite in general, but to do so effect, can distinguish between those who subscribe to your e-mail subscribers are not interested in, so your mailing list cleaner.

2, emphasizing the value of subscriptions must be stressed that e-mail to subscribers, bringing the value of re-emphasized missed the subscription confirmation may give the subscriber losses.

3, explicitly add "to subscribe" and "unsubscribe" option. In this respect there is a great misunderstanding, a lot of marketers to re-subscribe to the page, generally placed "to continue subscription" option, the results have been less interested in a lot of subscribers, due to inertia of the reason, then point bit, then add your mailing list subscription, would not achieve results. In fact, the marketing staff without fear of subscribers had fled, in a lot of our practice, we found that with "unsubscribe" button, it will continue to subscribe to more than without the addition of many! The reason is that, with the "unsubscribe" button that allows you to subscribe to feel the importance of this matter, let them feel you are serious, so that they feel is valuable permission-based email! Therefore, it will pay more attention to their subscribers.

4, no corresponding subscriber for sending a second re-licensing application. In our experience, the two applications is a more appropriate number of complaints is likely to be sent multiple times, the effect is even worse hand.

Av Luo Chen - 18 juni 2011 11:24

Ever-changing online world, your target customers at any time your competitors may face temptations, how to firmly grasp them? Their needs in the end? How to make your marketing messages to meet their needs? You may need to consider the following questions:
         1 concise
         E-mail templates and font styles are consistent with the target user's preferences? Highlights in the structure is prominent? User preferences Survey Center, in confirmation, unsubscribe process is easy to use? The more simple the more of these processes can improve the user experience, make them feel friendly and convenient;
         2 value
         Email marketing software, the real purpose is to deliver value to the user, the message will soon be worthless to the garbage discarded by the user mailbox. E-mail with what your competitive edge? Mail the real value? How to make your e-mail to attract customers attention? Continued ability to attract enough customers to read your marketing message, it is entirely up to you;
         3 credit
         Real life is so much choice, people often choose to use them regularly, very reliable product. Your e-mail message to the user whether the spirit of this trust? This is the key to enhance customer loyalty;
         4. Personality, unique
         Social networks provides us with a network of channels to meet the more meaningful interpersonal interaction. Personalize your marketing messages, it has a unique social-emotional, when the user did not receive your mail regularly, they will have a strong desire.

Av Luo Chen - 18 juni 2011 11:19

Our technical team to monitor the carrier from the ISP significantly increased the number of bounces, invalid address particular circumstances leading to the bounce. Despite billion industry, technology licensing e-mail marketing platform can automatically filter the history of the bounce address, to prevent invalid address again to send, but too many invalid address record platform will affect the speed of mail delivery and mail results. Recommended the adoption of the following methods to enhance the quality of the mailing list and send results.
1. Update user information, to maintain quality of the mailing list. Company's Web site allows users to easily modify the contact, or by e-mail, text messaging and other channels on a regular basis to remind users to update information;
2. Send e-mail list cleaning first. Such as a mailing list for the first time sent by e-mail address billion industry, science and technology to be cleaned, the invalid e-mail address removed from the list;
3. Timely clean-up platform invalid address information. Promptly clean up email marketing software platform invalid address, the mailing list can improve quality and accelerate the speed of mail delivery;
4. Attention to those long-term inactive mail accounts. If these e-mail addresses are not logged on user for six months, should be considered separately to create a new group for long-term inactive user group, can be a longer time interval e-mail marketing, may be relatively active part user selected;
In short, clean your invalid user / non-active mailing list, send to those who can not only prevent unwanted users, but also improve the quality of the mailing list. However, when the email account in other cases, re-active, you can allow them to once again become your subscribers.

Av Luo Chen - 13 juni 2011 10:25

Permission email marketing activity in the list was a direct result of the success of email marketing. However, according to EDM business network marketing experience and a large number of cases shows that the majority of subscribers to three months from the start after the warm gradually forgotten. We found that subscribers have mental are like this, the beginning of the subscription is looking for corporate e-mail, and then gradually found that provide their e-mail information is not needed, and ultimately led to the failure of email marketing. Permission-based email list so make sure to maintain good to very good activity during the e-mail marketing in the enterprise must be taken into account.

Institute of Business Network e-mail marketing will remain the basis of experience of activity summarized in the following four points:

1, in order to provide services to customers concern

As a retailer or business, the use of promotional products to attract consumers or subscribers to keep the heat of the mail service business. Promotion or a simple promotional activities can make a long inactive subscribers to re-ignite the passion for the company. In addition, you can not give you a form which sends a number of active clients different types of services. This will help the company to collect the recipient's information. If there is no response to customers can reduce the amount sent to those who focus on promoting high active customers.

2, sending questionnaires

Business Network Institute courses in the previous survey mentioned the role of focus remind here again. Because the best way to actively look for reasons to find out that not active customers to ask them directly. You can create a questionnaire (but it must be very simple and straightforward type), so if a subscriber is not active in your survey response, then you can derive the most accurate information. This information is valuable, it will accurately tell you subscribe by direct real thoughts than your standard in the company's more than speculation. Survey questions could be the following: 1) What you know the company, 2) where the company's products are in need of improvement, and 3) What would you like to receive information, 4) the company's email marketing software activities impact on your life Mody, 5) whether to change the transmission frequency of a similar problem. Feedback message will automatically summarize these options will also be made into a table to tell companies are now more intuitive active degrees mailing list.

3, closer to your company's direct relationship with subscribers

Many times you will notice that there is always a fixed group of people so you have to e-mail activity would be very low, and often ignore your messages. Information is available through the start up of these inactive people together, compare their similarities. These groups may not respond because they are a group of teenagers, or older people, or single-parent families, or in a different time zone there, etc., these reasons may lead to not respond to e-mail marketing. For these groups, companies should do to these people is certainly not give up, but by e-mail marketing platform, multi-group management will focus on these people, in the demand for different services with the same effect of sending a message to re-activate This group of active degrees.

4, attempts to change the way transmission

If you frequently send the same message at the same time one day, you can try to change the time to send; or you regularly send messages to a frequency, can be more significant holidays, events, or to change the frequency of transmission. When testing the mail or, for some customers do not send in a period of time, and then sent again to test the loyalty of customers is also a good way.

But to keep customers active in the list was another important aspect is the degree of your title, this business network through the complete tutorial Institute to tell you the title of the design. In many cases, the title is to attract and keep customers an important aspect of active degrees. A mail Subscribers may not open with the last sent a similar e-mail message headers, so how in the title is different and innovative enterprises in the e-mail marketing is a major task. Specific concerns about the title of your business network design courses before College.

Users of email marketing success is always spent enough time to keep a list of activity. In fact, this is well understood, because the e-mail marketing, summed up in the end brought about is the list, and list your e-mail marketing process in all the wealth.

Av Luo Chen - 9 juni 2011 11:18

Tell through the official e-mail product information to your customers by phone or text message than to have a higher credibility. Because the messages are kept, and with good operational and normative, like on as normal business correspondence. So e-mail marketing can not only enhance product visibility, more importantly, enhance the product's official credibility.

Email marketing software is the premise of the user's prior permission, by e-mail to pass valuable information to target users of a network marketing tool. Email marketing has three basic elements: user license, e-mail transmission of information, information on the user valuable.

Mailing list is a direct impact on the user type, contains a great business opportunity, with the Internet in China has grown in strength, mailing list services is also surging.

Mailing list (MailingList) goes back to 1975, is the first community in the form on the Internet, is also an important tool on the Internet for the exchange of information between the various groups and information dissemination. The early members of the group mailing list is a discussion by electronic messages for a particular topic, generally known as discussion groups, the small number of early computer networking, discussion group participants rarely, and now hundreds of thousands on the Internet discussion groups. Evolution of the discussion group soon another form of discussion groups that have management control, which is now commonly referred to as the mailing list, or mailing list called narrow.

Discussion groups and mailing lists are among a group of people on a topic to share information via e-mail, but they have a fundamental difference between, each member of a discussion group can send messages to other members of the same time, For now, it is usually the mailing list, send the information by the managers, general users can only receive information.

Mailing list, there are two basic forms: announcement type (mailing list): usually by a team manager to send a message to all members, such as electronic journals, newsletters, etc.; discussion type (discussion group): all members are able to Other members of the group send a message, the operation is simply send a message to the group's public e-mail processed through the system, this message will be distributed to all members of the group.

Then for the hardware companies, how to build and operate a good mailing list?

Carried out using internal list of Email Marketing Email marketing is the main way. A high-quality mailing list for the importance of network marketing experience has been confirmed by many enterprises, and become an important means to enhance the competitive advantage of, so to create a mailing list of their own is necessary. Many sites have attached great importance to establish the internal list. However, good build and operate a mailing list is not a simple matter, involving a wide range of issues.

First, the mailing list and website set up usually combined with other functions, not a person or a department can work independently, will involve technology development, web design, content editing, etc., may also involve marketing, sales and technical responsibilities of other departments, if it is outsourcing, and professional services needed to carry out the functional requirements of communication.

Second, the mailing list must be a user voluntarily joined, and whether access to authorized users, is in itself a very complicated matter, to be able to increase the stability of long-term users, mailing lists, content must be valuable to users, message content, but also require professional production. Third, the number of users mailing list takes a long period of accumulation, in order to gain more users, but also on the mailing list itself, the necessary promotion, marketing also need to invest considerable resources.

Av Luo Chen - 9 juni 2011 11:15

Technically, the email marketing software, now can achieve a high message arrival rate and the rate of non-spam messages. But on the e-mail open rates and conversion values ​​for the message, but also women in business, after all, email marketing platform is only a platform, and e-mail marketing requires businesses to take great efforts to carry out the

With the rapid development of Internet, Internet business applications more and more people welcome to meet market needs, using a variety of services network platform also enshrines the students, e-mail marketing is one of them. For email marketing, while a household name in the United States, but China is in the initial stage. Because people hate spam, permission email marketing, delays in making the situation can not be opened.
At present, China has more than 200 million unique users, 3 million e-mail; By 2010, China's e-mail users will be the world's fastest growth rate (21.5%) reached 300 million and 6 million (source: iResearch) . With such a large market space, and how reasonable the use, development, eliminate barriers to spam, and guide the direction of the new e-mail marketing, e-mail become the industry to carry out the most important issue to consider.
In the Internet, the rapid development of modern means of communication today, shaping the clean, healthy, honest network environment has become a global issue, as a measure of a country's ability to sign Internet governance. 2007 China Internet Conference held in Green network construction of China's Internet forum, at which experts on the status of the entire Internet, and proposes a new construct called the green network environment, specifically to further strengthen the control of spam and email marketing that must go green specifications to find a new way, based on the network market, full e-mail marketing advantage.
So how do you e-mail marketing for green? First of all, we know that spam usually presents without the user's permission, regardless of the recipient's age, gender, industry, if you send them a huge, high-frequency, content, uncontrolled e-mail, it is easy to obtain the user's objectionable. The following is a set of data elements of a user opens an e-mail survey, the authors are familiar with and trust is the recipient opens the e-mail the first factor, the other in accordance with the order of importance: the message subject, the message can be properly opened, have read over and valuable mail.

Survey shows that if the recipient opens the message subject of the message is important, but the message subject is not the only determining factor, after all, not even the most important factor, if the sender obtained the recipient's trust is the most important factor. Therefore, to obtain the recipient trust, based on the difference between spam-user license is the first step in the implementation of green specifications.
Second, e-mail marketing campaigns focus on ROI. Every email they will have a different purpose, the target customers for sex, age, and other property to divide, but also can follow the purchase, and even Internet browsing and transaction behavior to distinguish the treatment. Issued at different points in time, will be referred to a particular customer's website visit the website, and further activities were recorded and analyzed the results of these emails, the implementation of precise point of the marketing, email marketing is the task of the stage, but also with the blind mass e-mail, the implementation of the main criteria for the green email marketing. And the content of messages on the user's value, also with the further breakdown of target customers, the design of specific message content increased.
In short, to standardize e-mail market, in addition to the legislative restrictions and take the necessary technical means, the e-mail marketers need to adhere to three basic premise of the green standard: user-based licensing; using e-mail delivery; message content to the user value . Regular e-mail marketing, publicity, allowing more companies to understand the basic principles of marketing messages and methods to guide the industry to the green, healthy, normative direction, thereby increasing the market share of email marketing.

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