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Av Luo Chen - 24 juni 2011 10:44
Today there are many email marketing software providers a pre-designed templates, customers can choose their own needs. But even with a template, you still have to make some design decisions. Such as what colors and fonts used, font size, how to arrange text content and so on. By the following nine tips, you create the marketing message not only has a good visual effect, but also to obtain a higher success rate.

Trick 1: the company logo in the same position fixed

Each time you send marketing messages, but also took the opportunity to establish the company's brand image. Each containing the company logo into the email is an effective way. Logo would be better fixed in the same location, can be prominent at the top of the email (but not too big, occupying the entire screen).

Trick 2: use email preview framework

A recent survey shows that 70% of customers will be attracted message preview, and then open the mail read. This means that your customers or potential customers in determining the full open the mail before, perhaps only noted eamil part. So, make sure your company logo and other important information can be displayed in the preview window.

Trick 3: Using a unified font

In a marketing message, is generally recommended to use up to two fonts. Such as a font used to write text, a different font size used to display the title. You can use such as Arial, TimesNewRoman or Verdana and other standard fonts to enhance versatility. If the use of unconventional fonts, some customers may not be able properly identify the computer.

Tips 4: Use different colors to emphasize the key

In deciding to use that color, priority should be to consider using the company's base color. Continued use of a base color is the key to highlight the company's brand image.

Use different colors to highlight important content in the message body, to help visitors more easily focused.

Tips 5: concise, focused

Many customers view the marketing message is Yimushihang, so your email is only a few seconds to decide whether to attract their attention.

To maintain clear and concise email and focused is an effective way. Experts also found that many messages can be further reduced on the basis of the draft for nearly half of the content, but also will not affect the expression of integrity.

Tips 6: Using the picture as a supplement

Add picture in e-mail marketing to make email more vivid and compelling, helping you to better transmission of information. (A picture can be worth a thousand words). But if you picture the poor quality, but will affect the viewer the impression of your company.

Therefore, the choice of pictures, to select those simple, easy to understand, and directly associated with the text content of the picture.

Tips 7: textual layout, clever use of blank lines

Blank lines allows the viewer's eye to rest. Otherwise, the face of a lot is not divided into paragraphs of the article, they do not know where to read. Make sure your message in the title, text and other elements of the leave enough space between the lines.

Tips 8: Do not embed text in images

Some people will be turned off by default to receive email when the picture display. Therefore, do not embed text in the picture. Body content should be shown separately.

9 tips: simple but not simple

Designed so famous saying: simple but not simple. That look clean and be able to articulate the message better access to information response. E-mail marketing goal is to make the viewer look and take some action, such as access to your company website, get some product information. A well-designed marketing messages should allow potential customers attention and take your desired action.
Av Luo Chen - 24 juni 2011 10:38
Today, email marketing software to be a lot of e-commerce and network services business of network marketing the most important one, because of its low cost marketing, targeted, control, and so in the future will be a lot of traditional enterprise use.

E-mail marketing is an Internet marketing of the oldest methods of marketing, in the absence of the search engine before it was through e-mail marketing. So e-mail marketing is search engine marketing, Big Brother, although there is a long way but because of the marketing policy of strict threshold is very high compared with other marketing methods, so do e-mail marketing is not an easy thing, we need to grasp on all aspects.

Earlier I wrote about the concept of level of email marketing articles "permission-based e-mail spam and what were the characteristics?" Here we are permission-based email marketing from start to analyze the impact of the message in the end what is an important part of marketing effectiveness . Then e-mail marketing process, including what aspects of these aspects of the role of what is it?

We summarized into eight areas:

1, the message content of the planning

A good e-mail message content need to close the receiver, combined with our marketing purposes, not for the offensive e-mail recipients on the basis of planning. If the recipient of the message content is of interest, it will greatly increase marketing effectiveness.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

2, the message header creative

A creative title will attract recipients open the mail, open e-mail will only see the contents of the message inside, in our experience will directly affect the message header to the message open rates, email marketing, so we need to repeat the process test e-mail recipient's preferences, select a brainstorm the other e-mail recipients open the message can be creative.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆,

3, e-mail template design

E-mail template design is not only the pursuit of beauty to attract the user's eye, but also to meet international anti-spam organizations, the design rules to avoid errors due to template design for our e-mail into the junk mail box or the other manufacturers to enter the e-mail blacklist .

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

4, e-mail address list to collect

Many people mistakenly think that the mailing list search engine needs to be collected on the EMAIL address on other sites or buy someone else's mailing list, so there is no meaning. As the mailing list is not accurate, not only will be considered spam, but also greatly increased the difficulty of sending e-mail. So we try to use more accurate mailing list, you can collect your site, they may be a registered site users can be subscribed to our information and our products were purchased.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5, the number of messages sent

Mail that the number must respect the wishes of the recipient's e-mail under the premise, if the mailing list problems, then no matter how many number of messages sent is meaningless, can only increase the burden on the server and send the difficulty.

6, the frequency of mail

The frequency should send a message with the customer's expectations and needs of the combination of this frequency is expected due to land varies by product, from every quarter of an hour to update the promotional induction. Do not think that sending the higher the frequency, the deeper impression on the recipient. Too frequent e-mail "bombing" will make people sick. Studies have shown that the same e-mail content, to send up to 2-3 times a month is appropriate.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

7, the report analyzes the message sent

We can send the report by sending results to quantify, such as: arrival rate, open rates, click-through rate and other important parameters of the content analysis, will not reach the e-mail filtering, message content and the different titles for several tests. Choose the best solution for continued marketing.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

8, ROI assessment

Our final results are expected to cost inputs and return on investment (ROI) for evaluation, so that each e-mail marketing, cost control. ROI formula: marketing produce value / total investment * 100% = ROI

Score: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

E-mail marketing aspects of the above analysis and score, we can clearly understand these links in the e-mail marketing in the position occupied. Fraction of 4 stars or more aspects of email marketing will play an important effect of the impact. According to the order they are: the collection of e-mail address lists, message headers creative, email template design, e-mail send the report analysis.
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