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Av Luo Chen - 27 juni 2011 10:09
Although the email marketing software (Email marketing) of the process is relatively complex, and there are many variables, but you can still easily get successful email marketing. In this, Comm100 for your e-mail marketing, summed up the 10 reciprocity. Remember, if observed, must be harvested!

1 Make sure the link in the message clear
It is clear that the purpose of email marketing is to attract users to your landing page, product page or site up. If the recipient does not click the link in the message into your landing page or website, you can not be allowed to register or become your customers. So that they can click on the link method is very simple. As long as the highlights (such as capital) where the user might click on, while ensuring that multiple messages with a link (text of each paragraph contains at least one link) and make the link easy to identify. In addition, the use of strong call-to-call statement, or "click here" and imperative statements, can also help you increase your CTR.

Recommendation: Use email links to the best of many, and to ensure the link at a glance.

2 e-mail with pictures in as little as possible

In a previous article, we have discussed this issue in detail, but please always remember: e-mail messages are not printed. You have to take into account that many recipients may not see the picture, because the images in a message are generally not display properly, this picture messages will only waste space. Therefore, it is best to use standard HTML code to replace too many pictures. Also, please do not send only messages with a large map to the user, not to call the user action statements (such as "click here" or "now orders", etc.) on the picture.

Recommendation: caution pictures, e-mail using HTML to increase the beauty of nature, and do not use images to convey important information.

3. Unsubscribe easy

Allow users to exit your mailing list seems to go against your wishes, but there is no better way to prevent your mail from being marked as spam. Because when users can not find a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list, they will probably direct you mark a message as spam. Any user to your e-mail marked as spam e-mail service providers will be recorded, thus affecting the credibility of your mail and ultimately difficult to get your e-mail (not even reach) the Inbox.

Recommendation: Use the clear, obvious unsubscribe link in order to ensure that users can quickly exit from the list.

4. Always strictly abide by "Anti-Spam Law"
Before we elaborate on how to prevent being labeled as spam, and can not be delivered to your inbox the best way. Admittedly, e-mail marketing (Email Marketing Software) always must endeavor to comply with these steps. So, do not sell products directly to the user to send e-mail, just send an e-mail spam and strong, it is possible to make your future all mail in a few weeks, or months or even years can not reach the other side Inbox.

Recommendation: Even if your message can not be as effective as sales tools, but you have to be strictly observed to avoid all the steps marked as spam. Needless to say, this is the key to email marketing.

5. Try to limit e-mail template specifications
Make your user's inbox is not much space to convey information, and most users will use no image preview. So, make sure that HTML mail template does not exceed 600 pixels width, and to ensure accurate and clear value proposition, and should also ensure that starting from the top of the message at least 100 pixels has a link. While this is not a bright color at the top into the beautiful picture, but it can get better results. In addition, in the preview window at the top of the left or right to use the sidebar, so that users get more information.

Recommendation: message size should be 600 * 200 pixels or so, and no pictures. This specification is the final user to see the best results you e-mail specification.

6 Make sure to read the message short
Most users will not read the complete message, usually just glance at your e-mail to find content of interest to them. So make sure your e-mail brief refined (using the thin section), and bold colors highlight or use other key words of the customer. Text messages may be too many users to directly delete, spam filters can be directly filtered out.

Recommendation: Short Message refining better! Message content may give too much more traffic to websites, but does not enhance the e-mail marketing. Ensure that the message clear and concise, with some provocative statements and keywords, and highlight or bold the most important information.

7 regular clean-up mailing list

Spend time and energy to invalid e-mail address removed from the list can help you get better e-mail marketing. In the user registration, please e-mail address format error filtered out. Meanwhile, the first time can not be served, does not exist or inbox full of e-mail address removed from the list, this can help you get better e-mail marketing. If your mailing list contains a large number of invalid e-mail address, e-mail service providers will mark your mail as spam.

Recommendation: invalid regular e-mail address will be removed from the list may be more time-consuming, but it can improve the message delivery rate, so your e-mail Buzhi Yu was delivered to the trash.

8. The rational use of the prompt text, title text and image link properties
E-mail pictures to use too much wasted space, so to use pictures as much as possible into the code, this also give your e-mail marketing effectiveness points. Because different browsers on the prompt text and title text reads differently, so the inserted image code should also include the prompt text and title text (hint text and title text is displayed properly in the picture can not move the mouse or picture will be displayed when the text information). Should also ensure that all image links to link directly to your landing page or website.

Recommendation: Ensure that all reasonable picture coding, including the size of the picture, suggesting that the text, title text layout, etc. Also make sure the image links to link directly to your website or landing page.

9 e-mail sent before the test
Nothing found to send mail directly to the trash or Hotmail, Yahoo mail can not preview the message even more frustrating things. So before sending a message in large-scale, first in the major email service providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail / Live / MSN and a variety of accounts using the Outlook client) to create an account there, the first of these accounts were sent to a test e-mail. If your mailing list also contains other mail service providers, also please add it to the test list. If you find any problems during the test, analyze your e-mail and will solve the problem, or mailing list in question partially removed.

Recommendation: Please test before the mass mailing and solve the problem. Test checks the message format and delivery rate.

10. Sending HTML e-mail at the same time, with a text message.

, We have explored the use of HTML messages or plain text message problem. Here, we recommend using HTML e-mail and text messages. At least choose to use HTML mail to the same time with a plain text message. Some people prefer to use plain text message, and now more and more people view the messages through mobile phones, and mobile phones generally only support plain text messages.

Recommendation: Remember to send HTML e-mail at the same time, with a plain text message.
Av Luo Chen - 27 juni 2011 10:03
Find the right message content
In the implementation of e-mail marketing (Email marketing) planning process, often encounter the question: "If every message is marketing the product directly, it will not cause customer dissatisfaction, simply do not look after my e-mail it? . " Then, probably will think of a logical problem, "but if my mail is purely informational, and customers will not read directly after the delete, and will not purchase any products?

Provide users with e-mail make them feel valuable content, and directly from the sales and earnings have a great challenge. To achieve both goals, you need to constantly and repeatedly tested. However, following a few basic concepts, may be able to help you improve email marketing performance.

User Why register your news letter? What they really want?
First, you need to ask yourself the question: "When the user registration Newsletter (Newsletter), you promised them what?" Column in the news letter registration, you have no commitment to send information to the user within a week? Promises to send them information or articles? The user is not because you promised to give them an additional discount on registration before you press the letter? A thumb is the most basic principles of user experience that users really want is you promised them. Therefore, if the customer registration information letter, you promised to send them a white paper or book, then you have to send these messages to them, in order to maintain the loyalty of your customers.

However, more importantly, the user really want to see what the content of the message? And you is how to define the content?
There are two ways to determine what users really want to see. First, you can create multiple mailing lists, as detailed below. Second, is to do a simple A / B testing, which requires you to change the e-mail subscription page (whether it is a separate landing page or your master on a module) to display at different times different view. The easiest way is to do some modifications in the week. Such as:

The first week, when the user registration information letter, sent them an email like "join us to enjoy how to be the secret of a happy person."
The second week, when the user registration information letter, sent them an e-mail so "to join us, you can enjoy monthly discounts on products."

Near the end of each week, subscribe by e-mail news letter with the total number divided by the total number of pages to show to arrive at a conversion rate. High conversion rate of that content is the customer would like to see.

Create multiple mailing lists for best results
With only a single mailing list to attract customers than to create a number of different mailing lists, so that customers can choose to subscribe to the news they are interested in the letter. In general, the different mailing lists, including information like news letters, discounts or promotional items for the general type of mail. Of course, due to the different products or services, there will be many other types of news letter. You can brand, location, type of news, and other factors to create a targeted mailing list.

Provide multiple mailing lists for users to choose the benefits is that you can ensure that users receive all the information they want to see. Everything pros and cons. In this case, you need to create a variety of message content, and your list will also be more difficult to manage and track, you also difficult to calculate its return on investment. Therefore, the amount of available resources and e-mail marketing (Email Marketing Software) your entire marketing plan in the share of weight, you decide in the end to create a list of several key factors.

Also, keep in mind: If you provide customers with a number of mailing lists, according to the "anti-spam law" requirement, you must ensure that customers can unsubscribe from all of your messages, not just a list.

If the customers subscribe to this type of information is the news letter, I can send a direct marketing-type messages to them?
In the email marketing software, we often fall into such a dilemma: when the user just want to receive some information like email, but simply do not want to accept when forced to sell, how can we do? Although the product discounts, promotions and exclusive product is the main reason people subscribe to news letter, but people actually prefer to receive information like e-mail. In this case, the assessment of the value of email marketing, we suggest that you keep in mind the following points:

Reserved values: in the previous article, we introduced the customer life cycle and how to extend the customer life cycle through the mail. Although direct mail to get in return is important, but this type of information will bring you a message but a lot of potential value. Even if the customer does not buy your product mentioned in the message, but your brand and product names may impress customers. E-mail marketing can help you develop relationships with customers, when customers want to purchase products when they first thought should be your product. Therefore, in assessing the e-mail marketing in the role of the marketing plan, be sure to take into account the value of the message reserved.

Context of marketing: In fact, this type of information can bring you e-mail sales, the problem is you need to invest time and effort to create a persuasive message content. In this type of message information, timely reference to some products and product links, if done right, then this effect is sometimes directly in the message than to promote their products better. Only when customers feel that your product is very valuable, he will buy. Situation is a completely independent marketing courses. So, do not underestimate the value it can bring you.

To those who want to receive information like e-mail to promote their products directly to customers, the consequences are really serious?

The answer is simple, is not serious. Typically, users prefer discounts or marketing messages on a regular basis, sometimes positive response. The key is how to limit the number of times to send such messages, and how to ensure your information is sent by the preferential interest to customers or users. If you frequently sell products directly to customers, often just send message to the Mail, it is too far. However, the client sends a monthly e-mail containing special offers, will win a lot of customers.

Difficult to determine which type of customer in the end prefer e-mail. You need to constantly test and listen to the customer suggestions and careful analysis of test results to pick out the best of. However, most companies will find valuable message content and forced to sell the product in balance, tend to get the best results.
Av Luo Chen - 24 juni 2011 10:44
Today there are many email marketing software providers a pre-designed templates, customers can choose their own needs. But even with a template, you still have to make some design decisions. Such as what colors and fonts used, font size, how to arrange text content and so on. By the following nine tips, you create the marketing message not only has a good visual effect, but also to obtain a higher success rate.

Trick 1: the company logo in the same position fixed

Each time you send marketing messages, but also took the opportunity to establish the company's brand image. Each containing the company logo into the email is an effective way. Logo would be better fixed in the same location, can be prominent at the top of the email (but not too big, occupying the entire screen).

Trick 2: use email preview framework

A recent survey shows that 70% of customers will be attracted message preview, and then open the mail read. This means that your customers or potential customers in determining the full open the mail before, perhaps only noted eamil part. So, make sure your company logo and other important information can be displayed in the preview window.

Trick 3: Using a unified font

In a marketing message, is generally recommended to use up to two fonts. Such as a font used to write text, a different font size used to display the title. You can use such as Arial, TimesNewRoman or Verdana and other standard fonts to enhance versatility. If the use of unconventional fonts, some customers may not be able properly identify the computer.

Tips 4: Use different colors to emphasize the key

In deciding to use that color, priority should be to consider using the company's base color. Continued use of a base color is the key to highlight the company's brand image.

Use different colors to highlight important content in the message body, to help visitors more easily focused.

Tips 5: concise, focused

Many customers view the marketing message is Yimushihang, so your email is only a few seconds to decide whether to attract their attention.

To maintain clear and concise email and focused is an effective way. Experts also found that many messages can be further reduced on the basis of the draft for nearly half of the content, but also will not affect the expression of integrity.

Tips 6: Using the picture as a supplement

Add picture in e-mail marketing to make email more vivid and compelling, helping you to better transmission of information. (A picture can be worth a thousand words). But if you picture the poor quality, but will affect the viewer the impression of your company.

Therefore, the choice of pictures, to select those simple, easy to understand, and directly associated with the text content of the picture.

Tips 7: textual layout, clever use of blank lines

Blank lines allows the viewer's eye to rest. Otherwise, the face of a lot is not divided into paragraphs of the article, they do not know where to read. Make sure your message in the title, text and other elements of the leave enough space between the lines.

Tips 8: Do not embed text in images

Some people will be turned off by default to receive email when the picture display. Therefore, do not embed text in the picture. Body content should be shown separately.

9 tips: simple but not simple

Designed so famous saying: simple but not simple. That look clean and be able to articulate the message better access to information response. E-mail marketing goal is to make the viewer look and take some action, such as access to your company website, get some product information. A well-designed marketing messages should allow potential customers attention and take your desired action.
Av Luo Chen - 24 juni 2011 10:38
Today, email marketing software to be a lot of e-commerce and network services business of network marketing the most important one, because of its low cost marketing, targeted, control, and so in the future will be a lot of traditional enterprise use.

E-mail marketing is an Internet marketing of the oldest methods of marketing, in the absence of the search engine before it was through e-mail marketing. So e-mail marketing is search engine marketing, Big Brother, although there is a long way but because of the marketing policy of strict threshold is very high compared with other marketing methods, so do e-mail marketing is not an easy thing, we need to grasp on all aspects.

Earlier I wrote about the concept of level of email marketing articles "permission-based e-mail spam and what were the characteristics?" Here we are permission-based email marketing from start to analyze the impact of the message in the end what is an important part of marketing effectiveness . Then e-mail marketing process, including what aspects of these aspects of the role of what is it?

We summarized into eight areas:

1, the message content of the planning

A good e-mail message content need to close the receiver, combined with our marketing purposes, not for the offensive e-mail recipients on the basis of planning. If the recipient of the message content is of interest, it will greatly increase marketing effectiveness.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

2, the message header creative

A creative title will attract recipients open the mail, open e-mail will only see the contents of the message inside, in our experience will directly affect the message header to the message open rates, email marketing, so we need to repeat the process test e-mail recipient's preferences, select a brainstorm the other e-mail recipients open the message can be creative.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆,

3, e-mail template design

E-mail template design is not only the pursuit of beauty to attract the user's eye, but also to meet international anti-spam organizations, the design rules to avoid errors due to template design for our e-mail into the junk mail box or the other manufacturers to enter the e-mail blacklist .

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

4, e-mail address list to collect

Many people mistakenly think that the mailing list search engine needs to be collected on the EMAIL address on other sites or buy someone else's mailing list, so there is no meaning. As the mailing list is not accurate, not only will be considered spam, but also greatly increased the difficulty of sending e-mail. So we try to use more accurate mailing list, you can collect your site, they may be a registered site users can be subscribed to our information and our products were purchased.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5, the number of messages sent

Mail that the number must respect the wishes of the recipient's e-mail under the premise, if the mailing list problems, then no matter how many number of messages sent is meaningless, can only increase the burden on the server and send the difficulty.

6, the frequency of mail

The frequency should send a message with the customer's expectations and needs of the combination of this frequency is expected due to land varies by product, from every quarter of an hour to update the promotional induction. Do not think that sending the higher the frequency, the deeper impression on the recipient. Too frequent e-mail "bombing" will make people sick. Studies have shown that the same e-mail content, to send up to 2-3 times a month is appropriate.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

7, the report analyzes the message sent

We can send the report by sending results to quantify, such as: arrival rate, open rates, click-through rate and other important parameters of the content analysis, will not reach the e-mail filtering, message content and the different titles for several tests. Choose the best solution for continued marketing.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

8, ROI assessment

Our final results are expected to cost inputs and return on investment (ROI) for evaluation, so that each e-mail marketing, cost control. ROI formula: marketing produce value / total investment * 100% = ROI

Score: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

E-mail marketing aspects of the above analysis and score, we can clearly understand these links in the e-mail marketing in the position occupied. Fraction of 4 stars or more aspects of email marketing will play an important effect of the impact. According to the order they are: the collection of e-mail address lists, message headers creative, email template design, e-mail send the report analysis.
Av Luo Chen - 23 juni 2011 04:56
Custom clients personalized content, the EDM system, one of the most important part, involves the communication between enterprises and users can form a relationship.
How to make personalized content?

Through our extensive experience and found that if the e-mail with the title of the recipient's name and e-mail that day, then look at the possibility of being only the recipient's name more than a 24 percent did not name the recipient up to 75%. In specific reading time, 8 o'clock to see the message the number of people than 9 o'clock 51% higher than at 3 o'clock to see the message above 260%.
From this experience difficult to find, individual essence of two things:
Specialized for
Allow users to feel this message is for his personal, rather than the mass of. Therefore, EDM system seems to be able to imitate the business staff in a client sends a different effect. For example, you see the name of the title, is even known to bring "Mr., Ms., manager, general manager," and other titles and positions, for example, the body of the call, the message content may be mentioned that the content should be set to personalized.

With the user's communication habits
Different users have different communication habits, I believe that we have obvious experience, you dating love girlfriend, a very good time to choose the chances of success will be higher. By the same token, the user time and most users do not like disturbing the user to communicate in your EDM will only bring you negative results.
The most common communication habits, including: receiving frequency, receiving date (weekday), receiving time (one day's time), contact information (phone, text messaging, email, etc.).
A good EDM software will send you a timely reminder of the frequency and time, and can dynamically adjust the user's communication habits record.

Do these two points, your e-mail open rates will be a rapid increase, your chances of success will be higher.

Email marketing software platform provider network through advanced technology, can automatically be subscribed to the recipient's name added to the message content, do not need to manually add. Not only can greatly save human resources, improve efficiency, it can effectively avoid negligence.
Av Luo Chen - 23 juni 2011 04:32
When you send mail in HTML format-based, then you need to send the message you are about to test the system, and try to test fully. This is unlike the use of the same browser test page. E-mail tests require you to use different mail receiving program (Outlook, Lotus, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc.) and web mail service platforms (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and domestic sina, 163, qq, sohu)

You can use the EDM provider network to carry out a comprehensive test platform that can easily tell you whether the message is sent to the time, e-mail templates have not been completely deformed or picture display. Result of feedback you can easily make your e-mail template improvements.

Send messages in HTML format, but still have these problems. Business Network Institute here to list these problems and make answer.

E-mail in the mailbox were damaged in the picture how to do

Make sure you use a unique code image path, and your pictures are stored in a public server rather than your internal network. And make sure your JPG images in RGB format, because if not this will not be shown under CMYK browser.

Spam filters hindering e-mail

As far as your message content to add too much sensitive words, or some false information, because it would seem you are trying to design a scam. And try not to use in your subject line "Test" "test" and other such words.

Mail server to stop our test message

You are using a email marketing software by an external server, and use your letter as an employee within the company's name and reply address. And you test multiple email addresses to your mail, but you use the sender and reply to e-mail address is the same. This can be identified as spam. You can change the number of different e-mail sender and return address and make sure the title bar of the mail is not a "test" "test" and other such words.
Poor layout of

HTML, CSS will not show very well. Although the CSS inside the line display is the safest, but it can not guarantee always be trusted. When you copy the HTML code when the provider network with EDM users automatically format your CSS layout.

You are about to send test email as before your test, like any other page. If you have not sent at least 5-6 test message to your own mailbox, your colleagues and employees of the mail, your mail client or some test e-mail, your e-mail marketing campaign can not be good to carry out . We have learned an embarrassing chain of bad layout and marketing business email marketing, and easily add e-mail service providers to be added to the blacklist of the possibility, so in prior to carrying out a series of e-mail marketing messages designed to shut important.
Av Luo Chen - 21 juni 2011 09:42

With the development, gradually more and more SMEs to go into online marketing, but very few companies can really do a good job of marketing the network. Currently small and medium enterprises, or simply apply some basic internet marketing techniques, such as email marketing software, although the effect but the effect is not very good. How can we achieve better results? On the surface, e-mail marketing is to send mail, but everything is a skill, that is what email marketing techniques? Here, commercial airline to introduce a few new e-mail marketing tips.

1, do not spam

Now very common in the enterprise is a phenomenon: Many software companies are bought mass, and then buy some cheap-mail address, and then spread to bulk mail. Many email marketing experts also stressed: the e-mail marketing is not a mass mailing.

Maybe you have a wide range of sources so you get a lot of e-mail address, but do not often recklessly with impunity, because not all the products you are interested, must be targeted, so that high conversion rate will not allow some non-mail to your potential customers disgusted.

2, the message header

Open the mail is not your main purpose, your main purpose is to enable them to buy products, or at least remember your products, increase your product awareness. Do not use some of the title with a lure to attract the recipient, they point to see is to open a spam, then it will delete the message immediately, or to unsubscribe, so you will lose a lot of potential customers.

Users to smoke, let them open the message, which is mainly to see the title of the message. To do this step is half the battle. Chaotic title can not be unfounded, the first time this may attract some users to open e-mail, but when the user see the content when the content will be very disappointed, because a large gap between title and content. So from the title, when not pursue to attract users, according to the message content to play an appropriate title.

3, message content

Be the core of the message content. New route proposed business can be different for different people to send e-mail content. Example, customers can be divided into three categories: not interested, interested, and have purchased over the of. For example, if they are not interested, we want to convert him interested, we can calculate the traces of his tour he was in the end what you want, then the projections to send personalized e-mail them, which may be more trouble , time-consuming and laborious, but the result was very good.

Some target customers received e-mail, the contents of the message generated interest and hope to learn more about products and services, and if at this time but found no contact details and information, or if there is contact details and information However, companies do not contact the customer service staff, then target customers so that businesses will likely lose interest. So in the message must have contact details, and the best 24-hour online customer service, or timely and users to communicate and exchange some questions so promptly.

4, e-mail format

Among the contents of the message, call is very important, although the message is repeated, but let the customer that is issued against him, this will be a sense of superiority, for example, do not start: Hello, and use: so and so, you Okay, so the effect will be better.

Paper format must be formal, professional, no matter what industry, e-mail, no matter what the industry sent people, formal and professional format always give people a good feeling.

5, e-mail attachments

Send e-mail, if the content is more important, or more content, with pictures, then you need to add accessories up. Unless it is loyal users, or the average user will not trouble to open the attachment. So add an attachment, try to be concise and can use TXT to send text messages not sent with the DOC format, can display JPG images do not use PSD.

6, sent to the appropriate frequency

If the company decides to implement an e-mail marketing, then, first of all need to do a clear plan, not aimlessly, there is no regular mail to the user, such as marketing results will not be too good. Generally sent Monday to Friday, emphasis in the afternoon time, so the effect will be better. But if you can, do not send the best Monday morning, because after a weekend, the user's mailbox may have filled a useful or spam, they will not look deleted.

Transmitted frequency in accordance with corporate sales plan, festivals, promotional plans to arrange. Journals such as e-mail, can be every week or month issued a fixed time, holiday sales in a few days before every holiday time.

If too frequently send e-mail, even if it is discounted every day, every day to offer concessions, the user will feel resentment, and people do not cherish the chance of a discount.

7, there must be a quantitative indicator

Many enterprises in the implementation of e-mail marketing, when it did not specify the effects and costs of a specific target, cost? Effect is? These are very important issues, not only do not know know the specific implementation of the implementation of the cost and effectiveness.

Av Luo Chen - 21 juni 2011 09:40

We are speaking here of the e-mail marketing, referring to the permission-based email marketing software, e-mail address is sent after the user is permitted. Do e-mail marketing, is not that gets the mailbox address, to send them a message, it finished the fix? Of course not. Let us say for the implementation of e-mail marketing, you should continue to focus a few data, which only allow you to detect e-mail marketing effectiveness, but also allows you to better improve your email marketing program.

1, E-mail List

E-mail address to get a lot of ways, you can grab their own software, you can buy, you can also subscribe to get a natural, no matter by what means to get, you should list your number of continuing concern.

A few examples, say you are the original 1000 mailbox list, subscribe by natural means over the three months and found that mail list is 1020, three months increased by only 20 subscribers, then you have to Note, the natural growth alone is no effect, and can spend money to buy some of the e-mail address for testing, screening out of your target audience.

2, e-mail delivery rate

As more and more companies are beginning to use the personal e-mail marketing, this low-cost marketing methods, if the strict permission-based email marketing, according to the rules to be implemented, the result will be very good indeed, but many people have is some advertising spam e-mail, the user, are useless spam, this phenomenon causes the server to filter the mail more and more strict, and even make some of the normal e-mail has been filtered out.

For those who strictly observe the rules of permission-based email marketing person, how to prevent their high-quality filter will filter out e-mail it? In this regard, we have four small suggestions:

First, the recipient of your e-mail address included in the initiative, which is a bit difficult, and can explain the situation in the mail, I believe you will be loyal customers included;

Second, and mail service providers to contact them to you as a white list;

Third, the message header to avoid use of the word advertising;

Fourth, the message is filtered, look at what causes filtered, and then mail the corrected test, and the total time will not be filtered.

3, e-mail open rates

As long as your email address somewhere public too, people would have a way to get your email address, and then will send you this kind of mail in your mailbox every day plug packed. In general, the user will not inbox to open each message read, according to their message headers or sender address for selective screening. Users are generally more likely to trust will open their e-mail or are familiar with the site, or subscribe to their e-mail, so to create a user-friendly degree, permission-based e-mail before sending the user must first understand some of the features, intentions, not recklessly, otherwise it will counterproductive.

4, e-mail click-through rate

Click here to say the rate is access to the site via e-mail or open the link inside, such as Introduction If you are sending the message, then click-through rate is through e-mail access to your site ratio, if the content is sent in nature, such as "net Business Success Monthly "email, which are some practical articles, then click through rate is the proportion of e-mail click on the article title.

Many users may open the mail, look after rush off, and not to click inside the content. Therefore, to attract users to click, pay attention to the following points:

First, the delivery time, try not to send in on Monday morning, because Monday morning, the user's inbox will accumulate a lot of mail, will not have time to slowly appreciate your e-mail content.

Second, the message header, the user opens the message one reason is that the message header, and good title to attract users, you want a more in-depth understanding of message content, which will naturally click on the link.

Third, the message content, message content must comply with the message header, otherwise the user will have a feeling cheated. User opens the message is you want to look inside the content if the content is good, then the user will naturally unstinting to open links.

5, e-mail unsubscribe rate

Implementation of the e-mail marketing is most reluctant to see the user unsubscribed. If people keep to unsubscribe, then it should think carefully about why.

Separate old and new users can test that, if the user unsubscribe the old rate, it may be no messages sent before the recent good, and should be appropriate to improve the next; unsubscribe if the new user rate, it would have to think about e-mail overall content or template.

6, e-mail conversion

Implementation of the e-mail marketing is the ultimate goal of conversion, allowing users to accomplish what you want them put into action, such as account registration, purchase products, subscribe to newsletters and so on. So e-mail marketing, conversion rate is the measure of the success of the most important criterion.

Want to enhance the conversion rate, not only have high quality and valuable content, but also targeted to meet the needs of users. Allow users to feel: This is what I need to e-mail!

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